Pfft I don't know and stuff...
I like the X-Files tie in to this meme. lolol

I like the X-Files tie in to this meme. lolol

I’ve made a breaking discovery for the Defender sets!!!


This also adds a ton of legitimacy as well!!

Okay, every one of the Defender sets include a launcher that is similar to a Cordek blaster in design. I’ve boxed all the ones I can see; I can’t find the Earth Defenders, but I’m pretty certain he has one.


Now, what is the significance of this, you ask?

Well, it’s rather simple:

We have a confirmed 2015 LEGO Set that utilizes these new launchers.


Son of a biscuit eating bulldog. Okay, this helps, but I’m still not fully convinced.

So Bionicle 2015, huh?

I don’t know you guys, as much as I would like for Bionicle to return, I’m not fully convinced that they are. The leaked photo is now in color and more in depth, but it could still be fake, or just and old Lego prototype display case suggestion that was found in their archives. But if they do in fact return, and they are revealed through Lego’s comic con showing, I’ll climb aboard the hype train. But for now I still slumber…

Anyways, if anyone has any credible info, do enlighten me.




i took a lot of pictures of lerahk but these were the only 2 i ended up liking. enjoy



Bank of the Prophet - From Bioshock Infinite’s floating city of Columbia: The Bank of the Prophet.

Two of my favorite things! BioShock and Lego!

That’s how you do it. All of the WIN.


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Yeah! Potatoes.
Solo mission.

Solo mission.


in a scale from 1 to “i love the beatles” how boring are you?



2002 was just full of fun!

Good times…